Restaurant Ensilumi is a Lapland-themed café and restaurant in Snowman World, a winter wonderland built of snow and ice in Santa Claus Village that lies right on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

The warm atmosphere of Restaurant Ensilumi (“First Snow”) welcomes all visitors for a sweet and savoury tour to the tastes of Lapland. Local nature offers the best ingredients for our dishes in our Lapland Street Food menu. Please have a detailed look at our menus below.

The Ensilumi Café serves fresh homemade baked goods as well as hot and cold beverages. The restaurant holds full rights to serve alcohol and we have a quality wine list on offer.

Restaurant Ensilumi is open daily from 19th of November 2018 to 14th of April 2019. Warmly welcome!


Cafe Ensilumi offers 50 seats of warm-hearted Lapland spirit and atmosphere in Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

We use pure local ingredients in our dishes, as Lapland’s nature offers the best produce for delicious goods. Special diets have been considered, and we have a full alcohol licence as well as a quality wine list.

The cafeteria serves homemade baked goods and a selection of hot and cold drinks.


Cafe Ensilumi and Santa Claus Village lie eight kilometres north of Rovaniemi city centre. Getting here by public transport is easy with Santa’s Express Bus #8 - the service operates daily.

For season 2018-2019, Cafe Ensilumi is open from 17th September 2018 until 14th April 2019.

Opening Hours

Café Ensilumi

17th of September 2018 - 14th of April 2019:

Daily 11 AM – 5 PM

24th December 2018: café closes at 3 PM
25th December 2018: café opens at 12 PM
1st January 2019: café opens at 12 PM

Please contact us for more information:

Telephone +358 40 519 4444
Email info@snowmanworld.fi


12 PM – 5 PM

(G = Gluten free, L = Lactose free)

Lapland Tapas Plate (L)
Cured raw salmon, roasted reindeer, reindeer salami, house lingonberry-apple jam, smoked whitefish, rye crisps, sour cream, salmon mousse, shot of reindeer stock.
17,00 €

Chanterelle Soup (L)
Soft and creamy starter soup with warm house bread.
12,50 €

Salmon Soup (L)
Traditional creamy salmon soup with warm house bread.
14,50 €

House Burger (L)
House beef patty, smoked cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion compote, paprika mayo and rustic fries.
16,50 €

Lapland Burger
House beef patty, cold smoked reindeer meat, baked Lappish cheese, llngonberry coleslaw, rocket, tomato, paprika mayo and rustic fries.
18,50 €

Lappish Rieska Bread with Game (L)
Traditional Lapland “rieska” flat bread filled with sautéed elk, rocket, roasted onion, coleslaw, pickles, house lingonberry-apple jam and rustic fries.
16,50 €

Lapland Hot Dog (L)
Wholegrain hot dog bun, reindeer sausage, lettuce, red onion compote, roasted onion, mustard mayo and rustic fries.
16,00 €

Ensilumi Salad (G)
Salad base: mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, red onion and roasted cashew nuts.
Please pick a main ingredient of your choice: smoked salmon, grilled chicken fillet or goat cheese.
Please pick a topping: lemon vinaigrette, sesame vinaigrette, pesto mayo or garlic dressing.

14,50 €


Snowman Ice Cream (L)
Vanilla ice cream, cloudberry jam, spruce shoot syrup, marshmallows, snowman cookie.
8 €

Magic of Lapland (G,L)
Lapland dessert cheese braised in cream and cinnamon, cloudberries, cloudberry jam.
9 €

House Chocolate Cake (G,L)
Warm house chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, forest fruit melba.
9 €



12 PM – 5 PM

(G= Gluten free, L = Lactose free)

Grilled Chicken Fillet (G, L)
Rustic fries, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and paprika mayo.
15,00 €

Kids Burger (L)
House beef patty, tomato, lettuce, paprika mayo.
9,00 €

Salmon Soup (L)
Traditional creamy salmon soup with warm house bread.
9,00 €



Still water 0,5 l
2,00 €

Sparkling water 0,5 l
3,00 €

Soda 0,5 l
4,00 €

Beer 0,33 l 
6,00 € / 7,00 €

Cider 0,33 l
7,00 €

2,50 €

2,50 €

Hot Chocolate
4,00 €

4,00 €

3,00 €

Café Latte
4,50 €