1. How can I get to Snowman World from RovanieMi city centre or the airport?

Snowman World is in Santa Claus Village, eight kilometres north of Rovaniemi city centre. We are located just under a minute’s walk from Santa Claus Office.

You can easily reach us by Santa’s Express Bus #8, by taxi or by special Snowman Shuttle for our guests (extra fee applies) – more information can be found here.


2. What is there in Snowman World?

In Snowman World Winter Zone, you can have a drink at the Ice Bar, enjoy lunch or dinner in the Ice Restaurant, take pictures of the beautiful ice sculptures and take part in our Snow Fun activities.

Snowman Safaris offer snowmobile and Aurora Borealis hunting adventures.


3. When does the Winter Zone open? How much is the entrance fee? Do I need to book in advance?

Snowman World Winter Zone opens on the first week of December and closes at the end of March (subject to change due to weather conditions). The entrance fee is 28 € / person (children under three years free of charge).

Entering the Winter Zone grants unlimited access to the ice world (Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar) as well as Snow Fun activities (ice slides and ice skating). The ticket is valid all day.

There’s no need to book in advance - tickets are available from Snowman World reception during opening hours. Please see opening hours here.


4. What kind of clothing should I bring?

We strongly recommend you bring warm winter clothing including thermal base layer, warm midlayer, winter jacket, trousers and winter boots. A warm hat, thermal gloves and scarf are essential here on the Arctic Circle!


5. How do I book a lunch or dinner experience in the Snowman World Ice Restaurant?

Please see our Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar page for unforgettable food experiences.


6. What is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

The Aurora season starts in late August and goes on until early April. This natural phenomenon is impossible to predict due to it being subject to weather conditions. Seeing the Northern Lights requires clear skies and a dark viewing spot away from artificial light.